Frasier Gonzalez, The Enigmatic Frasier

About Me

So, who am I, really?
I guess the answer depends on who you ask. Is that a fair answer? Well, allow me to explain.

My most recent friends know me as Frasier E. Gonzalez. The E stands for Emmanuel. Many of you, who have been in my life longer, have always known me as the latter. Although, the disparity in the names doesn’t change the person, it does, however, allow me to express myself in different mediums without hindering my professional progress.

These names merely represent different stages in my life. The former, having been adopted within the last few years, has allowed me to express myself on a more social scale. While, the latter is my birth-given name, which has identified me my entire natural life. Needless to say, they both play a very significant role on my online presence, as they allow me to maneuver within the environments and maintain distinct paths of success without one encumbering on the other.

An added bonus to my duality of “prenoms” is that it has also allowed me to keep two different sets of friends, which, as of late and by design, are starting to mingle within the same social circle. This oftentimes presents itself with an almost situational comedy, as I watch my friends talking about “two different guys” who are one and the same. One side mentioning one and consequently the other side mentioning the other. These conversations have been prevalent at some of my social gatherings and have sparked delightful amusement between the groups. Each adding their input followed by the inevitable question “why?” The occasional giggle and laughter ensue after the discovery that they were both talking about the same person.

That said, you can easily see that creating dual environments has allowed me to maintain a very social life as well as a very private one. This may not work for everyone, but it has worked for me.

Finally, one of these names will eventually author the completed version of my book.

But what you really want to hear is what puts food on my table. Truth be told, I'm a software engineer who has worked as a subject matter expert for several multinational oil and gas companies in Houston. In my current employment, I'm considered an ETRM Specialist. The term is an acronym for Energy Trading and Risk Management, which is a specialized niche in the energy (oil and gas) space.

So why am I here?

No, this is the not the proverbial question as to who am I; why am I here; or where am I going?  No, this is the real question as to why I’m here sharing my life with you when I could be enjoying a cold drink in front of the pool (I guess we’ll cover that at a later time).

The answer is simple! I want to share my life experiences and help those who have helped me become who I am. I want to give back to my community, and the best way I know how is to share what I’ve learned in hope that it will also help someone else.

In essence, I want to use this format to express my gratitude and affection toward my friends, family and the community that has embraced me as an individual, as a productive member of society, and as a friend. I want to give back and assist where I can, and help you see how, through common sense and mental agility, you can achieve a similar level of comfort and put your life on cruise control.

With that in mind, I am a person, who bound by the norms of our society, has been able to achieve a comfortable level of success. But like any other human on this planet, I’ve also been plagued with setbacks and distractions, unwanted or unsolicited occurrences within a person’s life. I don’t have a recipe or a formula for becoming successful, but what I do have is consistency in how I do things. Being consistent has allowed me to put all matters into perspective and focus on the ones that really require more attention and ones that will get me closer to my goals in the shortest period of time.

Part of my objective is to become a motivational catalyst for others, as others have been for me. It is a learning process that never ceases, always calculating the best possible outcome for every situation, and at minimum achieving optimal results.

That said, I probably won’t tell you anything different than you’ve already heard or seen splattered all over social media and social networks. I’m sure every single one of my readers has seen the get-rich-quick schemes, self-help conferences and self-improvement methodologies. It is a constant daily nuisance and barrage of self-improvement methods that may or may not work. Such people, who sell you these schemes, often equate success with becoming rich.

In my case, I draw my definition of success from a different page in the human dictionary of life.

The objective for sharing what I know is to provide an anecdotal and common sense approach to living a life of motivation and enhance your standard of living. There are key elements that help us achieve a better standard of living without having to sacrifice too much or having to toil daily to make ends meet.

The key is consistency in all tasks rendered with a single goal in mind: a better living situation with ample resources to consistently make it better.